Price Guard features

Stay one step ahead of the competition



Set up your search criteria and repricing rules and Price Guard will monitor your competitors and update your prices based on your rules. Want to stay 1% cheaper than the lowest priced competitor, no problem!

  • Set minimum and maximum prices to ensure your prices don't go too low, or too high.
  • Minimum price calculated based on profit percentage.
  • Competitor approval - optionally you can approve all competitor items before they will be used in repricing calculations.
  • Update your prices to eBay directly, or reprice locally so you can export a CSV and update the prices yourself or through inventory management software.


Competitor tracking

Track daily sales of competitors selling the same items as you. This helps you to know when you may need to optimise certain listings, or temporarily lower your price on certain items to increase your sales.


Advanced competitor tracking

Identify and track sales of top selling competitor items that you don't stock. This is great for identifying which products could be worthwhile adding to your inventory.


Maintain quantity

Maintain item quantity at a specified level. Great for creating demand.

  • Keep items always available.
  • Keep available items at a low level so it encourages users to purchase items quickly to avoid missing out.
  • Item quantity will automatically be restored to the specified level when items are sold.
  • Real stock level can be specified per product so items aren't over sold.
  • Get alerted when quantity available drops below a specified threshold

Drop shipping

Monitor supplier's products

Stay on top of supplier product availability and price. eBay products will go out of stock when a product is no longer available from your supplier.

  • Maintain the desired markup on a product. Eg 20% profit margin. eBay prices automatically adjust based on supplier price.
  • Don't oversell your products
  • Be the first seller to get your items back in stock when they're available
  • Supported suppliers: Amazon, AliExpress, Ikea. More to come on demand. Requests welcome.


Email alerts

Choose what functionality you'd like to receive alerts for.

  • Daily competitor sales and price changes
  • Items repriced
  • Scheduled CSV repricing export

Get started with Price Guard now and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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