Competitor approval

Set up your Price Guard account and features.

What is competitor approval?

Restrict the competitor items that contribute to repricing to only the ones you have approved.

Enable competitor approval

Account settings Enable competitor approval

  1. Go to your account settings
  2. Enable the competitor approval toggle

Excluding and including competitors


  1. When editing an item, click the "Sample search results" button to view results based on your item details
  2. You have the option to exclude any competitors which aren't relevant or you don't want to compete with for whatever reason
  3. You can re-include a competitor you have previously excluded if you wish.

Competitor approval menu

  1. You can see any pending competitor items by clicking this link in the menu. The notification number will show when you have pending items.

You will receive an email alert each day that you have pending competitor items to approve or exclude.

Competitor approval

  1. Either Include or Exclude the competitor item.
  2. You can directly edit your item repricing details from here, if you need to change search terms etc.

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